The ultimate blueprint to build your own freelancing business

(while on a bootstrap budget)

Freelancing is on the rise


of the U.S. workforce are currently freelancers


of millennials identify themselves as freelancers or entrepreneurs


billion dollars is earned by freelancers each year in America

You have skills. Monetize them with your own digital freelancing business.

In 2019, the opportunity for freelancers is exploding. As companies move towards outsourcing and contracting out talent, it’s never been a better time to start your own freelancing business, working on projects for your own clients and making money doing what you love to do.

Self-employed, independent entrepreneurs make up an estimated 30% of today?s job market, and that figure is expected to grow to over 40% by the end of the decade.

New online tools and services have emerged that make working independently easier. You can monitor projects and jobs through online freelancing marketplaces, connect with businesses through social media, send clients digital invoices automatically and even automate payment collection. The startup costs are now more affordable than ever.

If you work on what you’re most passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work.

Today, we’re seeing more people start their own consulting businesses and go self-employed by choice rather than economic need. They choose the freelancing lifestyle, which promises independence, freedom, flexibility, being able to pick and choose which projects to work on, working any time of day they prefer, and at any location with an internet connection.

They thrive off of the excitement of not knowing what to expect next. Always working on new challenges, inventing solutions to client problems, and being creative. The concept of the 9-5 desk job doesn’t interest them. They want to ?work anytime from anywhere?.


Let me walk you through my step-by-step blueprint for planning and starting your freelancing journey.

This 2+ hour video workshop will jumpstart your freelancing business.

Module 01

The Freelance Model

We’ll be going over all the essentials to starting your own business, including what freelancing is and why you want to start your own business. We?ll go over the advantages that it brings, look at some stats on how well the freelancing economy is doing right now, we?ll dive deeper into why right now is the best time to be a freelancer and focus on what I like to call the ?Modern Freelancer?.

Module 02

What To Offer

When you build a business, you want to build it around your strengths and the things you love to do. If you are able to identify what you love to do first, then you can break out that industry or service category into a list of specific tasks you like doing, and package them into offerings to potential clients. We’ll start out figuring out the “Skill Categories” that you enjoy doing or can see being the main focus of your business and explore how to craft the perfect service offering.

Module 03

Setting Up Shop

Next, we look at how to officially set up your business. This includes reviewing the essential people you need to know, business structures, your business name, logo, domain name, and website setup.

Module 04

Finding Clients & Managing Projects

In this section, I share with you 5 ways to find clients and we review various tools for managing and organizing projects. There are a lot of free tools you can use to jumpstart your business on a bootstrap budget!

Module 05

Pricing & Invoicing

In order to make money with freelancing, you need to set your rates correctly. In this section I share various ways you can price your services, how to calculate your hourly rate, a variety of invoicing tools you can use, and how to collect payments from your clients for their invoices.

million people

are freelancing right now

Join the work revolution?and start your own independent freelancing business today.

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You can email any support or questions to and myself or a member of my team will respond to you. If you’re looking for one-on-one coaching to help guide you through the business setup and growth process, email to inquire about availability. This workshop is pre-recorded, which allows me to sell it at a much lower price point than it would cost for private coaching ($1000+). If you’re looking for live group training, check out my flagship training program FreelanceStarter.

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